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BoomerZoomas Inexpensive Magnifying Reading Glasses

100% MADE IN THE U.S.A - Magnifying Reading Glasses

Are you as tired as I was of paying $10.00, $15.00, $20.00 or more for reading glasses that soon got lost or broken because you need to carry them around with you?

Wouldn’t your life be easier if you were able to buy enough glasses for $10.00 - $20.00 to keep a pair in every room? A pair in your car? A pair in your office? A pair on your boat?

With BoomerZoomas; You Can!!

You’ll never be without reading glasses again! And you’ll never have to worry about remembering to bring your reading eyeglasses!

In our troubled economy, BoomerZoomas offers a quality, economical, and convenient way to buy reading glasses. Just select a product below and let your reading glasses worries disappear with the click of a button!

Shop Reading Glasses

2 Pair Clear Magnifying Reading Glasses

2 Clear Pairs
1 Faux Leather Case

Choose from 5 levels of Magnification

2 Pair Colorstyles Magnifying Reading Glasses

2 Pairs Colorstyles
8 Different Color Options
1 Faux Leather Case

Choose from 5 levels of Magnification


8 Pair Magnifying Reading Glasses

8 Pairs of Clear Magnifying Glasses
Pay only $1.25 Per Pair!
Have Glasses Whenever You Need Them

Choose from 5 levels of Magnification

8 Pair Colorstyles Magnifying Reading Glasses

Personalize Your Glasses
8 Different Color Options
Get The Perfect Pair For Your Attire

Choose from 5 levels of Magnification

20 Pair Magnifying Reading Glasses

Pay Only $0.99 Per Pair!
Keep A Pair WHEREVER You Need Glasses
Pick Either Clear or Colorstyles

Choose from 5 levels of Magnification



BoomerZoomas Magnifying Reading Glasses TargetedMarketing Tool

We have the ability to print your company's name, website address, phone number, or logo on the arms of our reading glasses to create a highly targeted marketing tool that will guarantee increased visibility (pun intended) with the Baby-Boomer demographic! Finally a new promotional item!

If you're interested in receiving information on BoomerZoomas Reading Glasses for your business please click the "Marketing Tool" button on the left or click the link below for more information. We can accomodate small orders of promotional reading glasses for events such as golf outings as well as orders in the hundreds of thousands of pairs of reading glasses for hotels, casinos, Government Agencies, etc.

BoomerZoomas Promotional Item Reading Glasses for Marketing and Giveaways

Thank You For Choosing BoomerZoomas Reading Glasses!




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