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BoomerZoomas - About Us - Reading Glasses - Promotional Item

Reading Glasses that are 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A

BoomerZoomas are distributed by Diamond Events, LLC. Diamond Events has been in business as a sole proprietorship since 2001 and the Limited Liability Company (LLC.) was formed in 2006. We cater to the event services, hospitality, and promotional/marketing industries.

While promoting BoomerZoomas Reading Glasses for business we could not help but notice how much people loved our product and the unusually low price associated with it. Our product is durable (BoomerZoomas' Founder, Dennis Healey, has literally been using the same pair for over a year) and inexpensive due to the unique manufacturing approach that we have taken. This is why we now offer BoomerZoomas Reading Glasses for personal use!

Diamond Events, LLC is family owned and operated. We take pride in our name and always strive to deliver the absolute highest level of customer service possible. Whether you're an individual looking to purchase inexpensive reading glasses, or a business looking to get your name out in the marketplace with a new promotional item; BoomerZoomas Reading Glasses are right for you!

Dennis V. Healey, Member
Diamond Events, LLC.


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This site is © 2009 BoomerZoomas.com. BoomerZoomas are distributed by Diamond Events LLC. BoomerZoomas provides high quality, cheap reading glasses for personal and commercial use. Mens reading glasses, womens reading glasses Buy reading eyeglasses from BoomerZoomas. Last updated 12/19/2009.