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Highly Targeted Marketing Tool and Promotional Item

"If You're on their Eyes, You're on their Minds!"

BoomerZoomas Reading Glasses are a new promotional item and marketing tool for your business. The "Baby-Boomer" Demographic is now the largest in the United States and all of them are over forty years of age. Almost all of them are using some form of reading aid.

Instead of giving away another pen that will be lost in a pocket book, give them a pair of BoomerZoomas Promotional Item Reading Glasses and show them that you are a step above the rest. BoomerZoomas reading glasses are attention-getting, practical, and an econonomical way to market and advertise your business.

People will actually use them over and over again! With your comany's name, website address, phone number or logo printed on the arms you are able to virtually turn your customers into walking billboards for your business. And besides, how is any person going to do business with your competitor when your name is on their face!

Choose from 9 Color Options (including clear as seen on Home Page)!

We have a vast selection of text colors and fonts to help you create a perfect match to your brand!

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Or see the Contact Us page for alternate ways to reach us

BoomerZoomas is the newest promotional amenity and is extremely effective as an advertising item for the hospitality industry. Use them as a guest amenity (hotels, casinos, restaurants, resorts, etc.) that will both please your guests and market your business to your guests and everyone they come in contact with!

We will provide you with free samples of our product as well as complete information (tailored to your industry) on how to get the most out of this highly targeted marketing tool. We understand the challenges of marketing in a tough economic climate and we are able to work with you to find solutions that fit your business goals and budget.

We handle small orders of 100 pairs or less in 14-30 business days and can accomodate orders in the hundreds of thousands usually within 45 business days (please allow up to 90 business days for first-time orders of 20,000 units or more for printing accuracy and quality).

We value your privacy. We will not add you to any marketing lists or provide your information to any third parties. We know you don't need anymore spam or sales calls!


We especially recommend BoomerZoomas Promotional Item Reading Glasses for the following Industries:

Casino Amenity

Hotel Amenity

Restaurant Amenity

Airline Amenity

Cruise Lines Amenity

Gift Bag Giveaway Item
Golf Pro- Shops
Function Halls
Convenience Stores
Theme Parks
Bowling Alleys
Bingo Halls
Retirement Homes
Assisted Living
Colleges and Universities
Book Stores
Dollar Store Retail Item
Country Clubs
Resort Amenity
Spa Amenity
Train Stations
Fishing Store Retail Item




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